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Muir, Gaye

Gaye Muir has the Certificate of the Spiritual National Union (CSNUSD) and is a recognised tutor at the Arthur Findlay College and an ordained minister of the Church of the Holy Spirit. She also has a considerable reputation as an internationally known tutor and as a medium in many countries in Europe, in several provinces of Canada and a number of states in the USA.
She was born in the latter part of the 1920s during what was called the Great Depression, a time when there was very little work and not very much money. Her mother was a devout Catholic and her father a Protestant. She was raised in the high Church of England, but used to see spirit forms as a child, which she learned very quickly not to speak about, as this usually meant punishment since it was considered to be very wicked.
When she was 17 years old, she joined the woman’s army in the latter part of the Second World War because she did not want to work in an armaments factory. This was the time when her visions came very quickly and were quite strong, something that frightened her very much, because of the rigid teaching of her parents. Fortunately, for Gaye there was a female sergeant, an experienced medium, whom recognised what was happening to Gaye and took her under her wing, helping her to understand the reasons for having such a wonderful gift.
Gaye married very young and had three children. The marriage later turned out to be a disaster and ended in a divorce. She kept the two girls, but the boy chose to live with his father and the contact between Gaye and her son has more or less ceased.
It was a long time before she found true love in Reg Elsom, to whom she was married for 37 years. He, like Gaye, was a spiritual healer and they had first met in the spiritual church. They travelled far and wide working for spirit together. Later he unfortunately was diagnosed as suffering from Alzheimer’s and was admitted to a nursing home, where he passed to the heavens in January 2004.
Gaye is really known best for her work as a medium and has trained many new mediums. She admits that some of her pupils think she is a little too strict, but she insists on everything being right, otherwise, she will not let it pass. Nevertheless, she is considered to be very kind, friendly and sympathetic. She always stresses that mediumship is God’s work and she explains exactly why the psychic must never be confused with the spiritual. Her private sittings are nearly always fully booked very quickly and her demonstrations are invariably well attended. She has been on television and has held several excellent phone-ins in Canada, the USA, and many countries in Europe and, of course, in the United Kingdom.
She has already written and published two other, totally different books. One is on how she started work as a medium, the other deals with life after death. The present book is her third and examines more closely the nature of the Spirit Body and what it can achieve. She has been working actively as a medium since 1957, still seems to have a considerable amount of energy, and says that she loves to be able to continue her work because apart from her family, that really is her life.

Exploring the Next Dimension

Exploring the Next Dimension